Leading From The Front

The Canadian Energy Industry is the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly energy industry on this planet. Canada is a world leader in supplying the most responsibly sourced energy.

The Canadian Energy Executive Association and its members are the leaders of these companies that are responsible for continuing to ensure Canada remains, and the world understands it to be, a global leader.


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Our three pillars

CEEA continues to focus on fostering connection through networking efforts, being strong advocates for our industry and giving back to a number of charitable causes in our community.

Our business events held throughout the year provide our members with the opportunity to connect and share ideas with others in the industry, helping to further their own individual businesses and the industry as a whole.

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We aspire to continue to be at the forefront of positive and leading messaging for the energy industry, primarily through our Energy Business Forum events.

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We are proud that CEEA has raised close to $1 million over the past five years for charities such as Calgary Reads, the Calgary Police Youth Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Society of Calgary and others.

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Our three pillars

CEEA continues to focus on fostering connection through networking efforts, being strong advocates for our industry and giving back to a number of charitable causes in our community.

A Short History

How it Started

The Oilmen's began in 1951 with the simple idea of holding an annual golf tournament for the leaders of the newly booming Canadian oil industry. Under the leadership of early Chairs, it was an immediate success.

Within only a few years, there were over 500 applications for 192 golfing spots! Thus, the effective Oilmen's structure as an invitation-only event was established early, as were some of its sustaining traditions.

The Oilmen’s started as a four-day, volunteer-driven invitational and international match play event held in the mountains, with many activities for non-golfers and extensive social and entertainment functions every evening, with a theme preview at the Spring Gala Ball in Calgary.


Fast forward to 2010 or the 61st Oilmen's led by Chairs John & Lana Geddes. In a response to members' demand for a business component to be a part of the Oilmen’s Golf & Networking weekend, John and his board developed the first-ever Oilmen’s Business Forum in Banff, since renamed the Energy Business Forum.

A total of 240 guests attended the inaugural event highlighted by several speakers discussing business strategies, government policy, education, skill planning and more.  The Business Forum has since grown to include additional events throughout the year and is a highlight for our members and community.

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The Business Forum has since grown to include additional events throughout the year and is a highlight for our members and community."


In its 66th year, 2016, the Chairs and board recognized the need to move the organization forward and the Oilmen's was renamed the Canadian Energy Executive Association. Energy was no longer just about oil and gas and it was necessary in order to expand our membership and attract new energy companies and leaders to support the association.

Present Day and Beyond

Now entering its 73r year, CEEA continues the work to share the stories of success within our industry while examining the work to be done to continue to support the future success of our industry. Access our 60th Commemorative Book & 65th Anniversary Book below.


Meet the CEEA 73 Board of Governors

Each year, following the August flagship Networking Weekend and Oilmen's Golf Tournament, the Chairs role begins to wind down in preparation for the new Chairs and board to take over. Our board is strictly volunteer, and we appreciate the contributions each of our Executive and Governors make to the success of our association.
Alex & Layne Fulthorpe
Vice Chairs
Gary Summach
Brent & Allison Quinton
Past Chairs
Brian & Dijana Hamm
Mark O'Byrne
Director, EBF & Advocacy
Al Huehn
Governor, Speakers & Conference Theme
Jason Sharpe
Governor, Innovation & Technology
Lisa Mueller
Governor, Energizing Tomorrow
Malcolm Macpherson
Governor, Stakeholder Engagement
Nicole Frechette
Governor, Conference Services
Stephen Mason
Governor, Sponsorship
Kim Williams
Director, Engagement
Gary Lifshits
Governor, Accommodations
Jen Baerg
Governor, Communications
Nicole Safron
Governor, Digital Marketing
Paul Geddes
Governor, Recruitment
Rick Koshman
Governor, Newcomers & Volunteers
Ryan Besserer
Governor, Registration
Tom Alford
Governor, Alumni
Grant Omichinski
Director, CEEA Connects
Bob Willows
Governor, Special Events
Corbin Coyes
Governor, Adventure
Dan Fitzgerald
Governor, Prizes
Kevin O'Brien
Governor, Golf
Michael Binnion
Governor, Partners Golf & Putting Contest
Stephen Buffalo
Governor, Wagering & Challenges
Ashley Leroux
Director, Event Services
Brian Renaud
Governor, Transportation & Logistics
Gavin Exon
Governor, Decorations
Gurpreet Lail
Master of Ceremonies
Mike Woodford
Governor, Entertainment
Myles Bosman
Governor, Food & Beverage
Rich Waller
Governor, Community Giving

Upcoming Events

Check back for more updates to our calendar of events. Dates subject to change. Become a member today and join us at these powerful gatherings.

22 Feb

Beyond Boomers brings together industry leaders and young professionals to foster the growth of the next generation of energy professionals.

16 Mar

Governor's Charity Ball is our annual networking kick off event. Join us for an elegant evening to raise money for our chosen charities.  

3 Apr

Mid-Year Update focuses on trending topics and was created to keep the energy community engaged.

22 Aug
25 Aug

CEEA 73 is a multi-day conference held in Banff featuring our Energy Business Forum and CEEA Connects weekend.