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At CEEA we are proud to have helped lead the messaging in recent years that Canadian energy is among the best on the planet.
We aspire to continue to be at the forefront of positive and leading messaging for the energy industry, primarily through our Energy Business Forum events.
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The CEEA Energy Business Forum is the only series of  business events for executives focused on progressing the Canadian energy industry. Rooted in the relationships between business, policy and education, our events provide insight, awareness and the perfect stage to expand your network.

Recognizing that change doesn't happen by not doing anything, we hold three different Business Forum events each year and bring together leaders, stakeholders, policymakers and academia to present and discuss important topics affecting our industry and its future. We want to ensure that all energy stakeholders understand the complexities and opportunities associated with fuelling progress not just nationally but globally.

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CEEA is proud to lead a campaign to engage university students, our future energy leaders, in a conversation aptly named ‘Energizing Tomorrow’.  With the unprecedented global focus on energy, CEEA wants to have an open dialogue with young minds to give them hope about the future. Our overall theme is putting a practical lens on our drive to create the energy systems of tomorrow while realizing that the energy systems of today must continue to support our current standards of living.

These student-led events bring in speakers from industry to discuss current energy systems, and new emerging technologies, to give context to the practical realities of what it will take to make change happen.  CEEA aims to invigorate students and to get them excited about joining the energy industry and sharing their own skills to build the energy future they envision.

Topics include LNG, Hydrogen, Nuclear, Geothermal and Carbon Capture.  But we cannot forget the incredible innovation of our oil and gas industry and a discussion on Canada’s world class leadership in the cleanest production barrel and cubic foot of gas.  We are very proud that we also generate a strong First Nations voice in our sessions, illustrating how the energy industry and Indigenous reconciliation are inherently tethered as energy projects can include economic prosperity for Indigenous communities.

Since 2021, we have visited Queen’s University, Concordia University, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, Western University and University of Saskatchewan.  Our ambition knows no bounds, as we plan to cross our nation with positive messaging about the work our industry is doing.  

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We believe our nation’s greatest successes are secured through strategic partnerships. For CEEA, we value the relationships we have created with Indigenous communities and leaders.

Whether through attendance at our events, speaking on panels at our Energy Business Forums or participation at the board level, we're pleased to have Indigenous voices heard across CEEA throughout the year.

Through these connections, we've found opportunities to partner together, helping to further grow our businesses, communities, industry and charitable opportunities.

With the new CEEA Education Fund, we are able to support deserving Indigenous students looking to pursue post-secondary education.

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Upcoming Events

Check back for more updates to our calendar of events. Dates subject to change. Become a member today and join us at these powerful gatherings.

22 Aug
24 Aug

CEEA 73 is a multi-day conference held in Banff featuring our Energy Business Forum and CEEA Connects weekend.