Energize the World

In our 73rd year we will continue the great work of our predecessors while continuing to forge ahead and ensure a fun experience for our members.

Welcome our CEEA 73 Chairs

Brian Hamm
Dijana Hamm
2024 THEME

Energize the World

For over 72 years, CEEA Chairs have selected a theme for the year that resonates with them. This year our theme is “Energize the World” as we look to help promote Canada’s important role in providing socially responsible, environmentally responsible, reliable, affordable and most importantly, secure energy, to a world that needs it more than ever.  We believe Canada does not just have a mission or an opportunity to Energize the World, we believe it has a responsibility to do so!

As we move forward into 2024 and beyond, we have reason to be optimistic as our message is being heard from the work we do as well as all the other people in our industry. The tides of public opinion are changing, energy poverty is a real problem affecting the health of billions, energy security is real risk to many of Canada’s closest allies and trading partners, and energy affordability is affecting the day to day quality of life here at home and abroad.

We as Canadians in the energy industry have a responsibility to unleash the talent, technology, and the ethical practices that our industry has to offer to Canadians and the rest of the world.  

Energize the world

We look forward to promoting our energy industry, raising much needed funds and making new connections at our Governors Charity Ball on March 16th and in August at the
CEEA 73 Conference!


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Upcoming Events

Check back for more updates to our calendar of events. Dates subject to change. Become a member today and join us at these powerful gatherings.

27 Jun

4 Horse Cup Golf Tournament allows members to bring guests to introduce their industry colleagues to our organization.

22 Aug
24 Aug

CEEA 73 is a multi-day conference held in Banff featuring our Energy Business Forum and CEEA Connects weekend.